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Start Making great savings on your annual LPG gas bill - today!

Are you looking to reduce the gas expenses of your business - switch to RamcoGas and enjoy a wide range of benefits. To read more about the Uses of LPG´for your business.


We meet Your Requirements

Our dedicated team of technical and energy experts are in a unique position to meet your individual requirements when it comes to LPG supply. We take time to analyse and conceptualise a tailored solution to your individual requirements.


RamcoGas offers free delivery all over Kampala, as well as in areas where we have network branches. We deliver at your convenience and free of charge. We also offer gas installation, and offer after sales service, cooker repairs and other services related to LPG.


We offer bulk supply at a competitive rate to commercial customers, who are looking to cover large consumption demands. All our solutions are based on individual customer needs, whether bulk supply of cylinders or to supply you with a tank. For more information, please contact our Customer Operations Centre.

Seamless delivery to your door

We’ll talk to you about your needs and find the best possible solutions, before delivering it seamlessly.

For more information, on contracts, bulk-supply and installations for your business, please contact our customers service, who will in consultation with our technical experts, provide you with a tailored solution based on your needs.

We strive to connect with you, to provide you with excellent customer service and highly trained technical experts dedicated to making acquiring and working with RamcoGas solutions effortless. Our adherence to rigorous safety policies and strict industry standards will further benefit your business.