TOKOTOKOGas - Our clean and Affordable cooking Initiative

The TOKOTOKO Gas provides you with an affordable and portable clean cooking solution.

The TOKOTOKO canister comes in two portable sizes and can be equipped with a portable burner or a flame gun. Featuring a convenient, easy-to-transport design with a push button automatic ignition, the TOKOTOKOGas flame gun is your #1 go-to gas accessory for all your cooking, repair, and crafting needs.

While the TOKOTOKOGas canister and flamegun, allow us to cater for a wide target audience, from students, to artists, professional chefs and many more, RamcoGas is further dedicated to providing affordable clean cooking solutions to lower-income communities and enabling them to access environmentally sustainable and healthy LPG-based cooking solutions.

With our objective of contributing to SDG 13 on Climate Action, we are continuously promoting LPG-based solutions to lower carbon sources and emission, driven by advances in technology and growing concerns about climate change.

TOKOTOKOGas- RamcoGas’s clean & affordable cooking initiative.”