Anti-Bribery Provision – Legal Disclaimer: RamcoGas Uganda

Anti-Bribery Provision – Legal Disclaimer: RamcoGas Uganda

This legal provision is hereby incorporated into the Terms & Conditions of RamcoGas Uganda, serving as a commitment to ethical business practices:

  1. No Payment Required for Job Placement: RamcoGas Uganda expressly states that individuals are not obligated to make any payment for job placements. The recruitment process maintains transparency, and any solicitation or acceptance of payments from candidates seeking employment opportunities with us is strictly prohibited.
  2. Zero Tolerance for Bribes: RamcoGas Uganda maintains a stringent policy against bribery in all its forms. Employees and stakeholders are explicitly discouraged from engaging in or accepting bribes. Compliance with this policy is essential to upholding the values and standards of RamcoGas Uganda.
  3. Reporting Incidents: Individuals encountering requests for payment or bribery in connection with a job opportunity at RamcoGas Uganda are legally required to promptly report such incidents. Communication regarding such matters should be directed to the RamcoGas Management via email at, providing detailed information for necessary legal action.
  4. No Agents Appointed for Recruitment: RamcoGas Uganda affirms that no external agents or representatives are legally authorized to conduct recruitment activities on our behalf. Individuals claiming to represent RamcoGas in a recruitment capacity are not endorsed by the company.

By accepting these Terms & Conditions, you legally acknowledge and agree to adhere to these anti-bribery provisions & can not hold the company liable.

Your legal compliance is integral to the maintenance of a fair and ethical working environment at RamcoGas Uganda.

Thank you for your understanding and legal commitment to these principles.


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