Our Customers

We absolutely thrive on quality of customer service; it plays a huge role in what makes RamcoGas unique.


  • Very reliable service providers who keep their promises. I was impressed today with the level of their response.

    Andrew Omukaya Oryokot
    Andrew Omukaya Oryokot
  • Probably the best service providers in Uganda! 2nd time I ordered with them. Amazed by the efficiency and the staff! Strongly recommended!

    Jameson Sunday
    Jameson Sunday
  • We don’t know what we would have done without you. Thank you, really appreciate very much for your services.

    Mr. M. Patel
  • Very hard to find the reliability you offer in Kampala. Thank you!

    Ms. J. Anderson


With over 15 years in business we stablished ourself reliable energy supplier and excellent service. During all these years we developed a lasting relationship with our customers, understanding their needs and offering the best service possible

Our list of customers is long and it will not be possible to list all of them here. But we took the liberty to list few of our esteemed customers.